Introduction to the Visual Destination Blog


The Visual Destination Blog officially starts in January 2022 and with a big goal: to offer a new point of view, a way on how we can build a better world through our business decisions, both as entrepreneurs and consumers.


We are in an historical period in which, more than ever, we costantly interact with brands and business entities. Even if we don’t always realize it. We get up in the morning and look at our messages through an app on our branded phone, we drink milk from a branded package, we turn on television to see a transmission. In the first hour of our day we have already interacted with at least 5 different brands. In the industrialized world almost nothing is neutral, everything we see, touch, hear and use has been produced by someone and it was decided to be presented in a certain way. That is going to have an enormous impact not only on our personal lives, but also on our culture as a society.


Good news is that we have a lot of options, and that our decisions can definetely make a change. We can choose which business to use based on their values, their communication, the way they treat their workers and the environment. As entrepreneurs, we can choose to build something that is more than just an easy sell, but is actually virtous, inspiring and responsible.


With our weekly posts, I will share opinions, tips and suggestions on how we can move in a more and more complicated world and build a better reality. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified on all the new releases.

The Author

Giordano Morotti, Founder

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